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Passion SignGonzaga University was excited to welcome PACURH in November 2013! The process of hosting PACURH begins early, with staff meetings starting back in November 2012. There were thousands of volunteer hours put into making PACURH 2013 the best PACURH yet. The 21 person staff team represented all grade levels at GU as well as multiple states. During the summer, 15 of our 21 staff were on campus in Spokane, WA working on preparations of everything from name tags to room reservations.

Our theme for the year was The Social Justice League. At Gonzaga, social justice is more than a theme- it’s a way of life for Zags (GU community members). That is why we wanted to share our passion with the PACURH community- to learn and explore the values of both PACURH and to share those of the Gonzaga community.

“Cura Personalis” (or “care for the whole person) is an important concept to all of us. We encourage you to read more about cura personalis and our University in the below section.

There are a few ways to get a hold of us, either by Twitter or email are the easiest. For details, please see our contact page.

About GU

College Hall
Gonzaga is a Jesuit University located on 131 acres in the City of Spokane, Washington. The University overlooks the beautiful Spokane River and has 105 buildings that are maintained throughout the year.

Founded in 1887 as an all boys school, Gonzaga College got its start on a small piece of property by the river that was purchased by Father Joseph Cataldo for just shy of One-thousand dollars. Over the years it has evolved into the well-rounded University that it is today, hosting over 7,500 students in all levels of education.

An underlying theme that has been around since Gonzaga’s founding has been “cura personalis” or “care for the individual.” The themes of mind, body, and spirit also have a deep up rooting and importance in the history of GU. These themes are still present and continue to be developed today.


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